Ari Squires

Ari spent years being who everyone thought she should be. This led to incarceration, homelessness and financial turmoil. She pulled herself up by writing a new narrative. One that no one can take away from her; Consciousness. Her story breaks all generational chains which she now passes on to her children so that they "question everything," and not be led astray to others' political, financial or religious agendas.

Patricia Clement

Patricia takes you on a journey of what it was like growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn, East New York, to becoming a successful business owner of JumpStarz, a jump rope business that empowers girls to reach new heights. Her story serves as a very important reminder that you can reach any level you desire, as long as you don't stay stuck in your circumstances.

Erica Hill

If someone would have taught Erica Hill about money when she was 5 years old, she would be a millionaire by now. Discover how to release yourself from the financial chains you were born with and build generational wealth through this powerful story of "faking the funk".

Q. Futrell

The inspiring story of how a woman from "Brick City," New Jersey overcame a childhood full of parental incarceration, drugs, and abuse. Through the gift of forgiveness, she learned how to turned her pain into her purpose.

Taliah Shiree Graves

It took 27 years for Taliah Graves to discover her life's purpose. So many women can relate to her feelings of being lost and wandering through life. But how many can say that they've cut through the confusion and discovered who they truly are?

Rhonda Watts-Robinson

A diagnosis of HIV threatened to derail Rhonda's life. However, her faith showed her that her illness didn't have to be the end of the road.

Cynthia Dixon

Cynthia Dixon shares her evocative story of overcoming a childhood of pain and neglect. By learning to release pain, she frees herself from the pattern of abuse that enchained her family for generations.

Amanda Eaddy Oliver

What does it mean for a woman to be a queen? Amanda Eaddy Oliver had to discover it the hard way. "Becoming 'Queen'" is the encouraging story of her journey from lost teenage girl to self-assured queen.

T.F. Sterling

After 25 years of self-sacrifice married to an absent husband, Terecita becomes determined to break free. Discover how she transforms herself and her circumstance to find the freedom and purpose she stands in today.

Tiffanye S. Wesley

When Tiffanye answered a job announcement she heard on the radio, she had no idea that she was signing up for the greatest challenge of her life. The struggle didn't end once she got the job. Watch the inspiring story of her 23 year journey on the path that she was anointed for.

Theresa Alexis

A moving story of a woman who refused to let parental abuse hold her back. Discover how the author endured and overcame her past to flourish in the present.

Paul C. Brunson

OWN and FOX TV Show Relationship Host shares his story on succeeding against the odds as a black male matchmaker and shares pivotal advise for entrepreneurs seeking to think like his billionaire mentors.

Patrice C. Washington

The "Money Maven" as head and seen on the Steve Harvey Radio and TV Show shares wisdom and inspiration on breaking the mental chains of generational wealth. She shares her take on what we should do differently to build generations of wealth within the black family.

Abiola Abrams

We have to tune inside to release the chains. Essence columnist Abiola Abrams shares why and HOW!


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Amanda Eaddy Oliver

What does it mean for a woman to be a queen? Amanda Eaddy Oliver had to discover it the hard way. "Becoming 'Queen'" is the encouraging story of her journey from lost teenage girl to self-assured queen.